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Novelties of Vending machines

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Big Grabbers

Unique development 

4 types

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Хватайка Б/У 

Toy vending machine, vending machine , new 2019

Unique development 

4 types

1800 EUR | 1950 USD

Money crane Eldorado machine

New 2019!

Unique development 

4 types

1400 EUR | 1600 USD

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Vending machine

Super Disco 3

with capsules New 2019!

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Vending machine

Super Disco 4 New 2019!

Claw crane machine with toys

2100 EUR | 2350 USD

Vending machine

Super Disco 3

with capsules New 2019!

1800 EUR | 1950 USD

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Vending machine

Super Disco 4 New 2019!

Claw crane machine with toys

2100 EUR | 2350 USD


Автоматы Боксер с призами и без


2 вида

Автомат по продаже мороженного

3 вида

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Giant claw crane machine

5400 EUR | 6000 USD

Amusement claw crane machine with a man

6250 EUR | 7000 USD

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ООО «Кош-Ка»

Legal.address: 10, Chayanova str., Moscow, 125047,bldg.One

Bank: VTB 24 ( JSC ) Moscow

R/s: 407 028 101 000 000 633 90

C/s: 30101810345250000745

BIC: 044525745

INN: 7710897324

Checkpoint: 771 001 001

OKPO: 30265440

OKVED: 51.47.33

OKATO: 45286585000

Bin: 1117746756357

general Director

Sherstyuk Konstantin Yurievich

Phone: +7 (495) 777-66-75 extension number 487975 

+7(903)854-88-22 ;

E-mail: info@kran-machina.ru

Small Business idea on vending machines Claw crane machine
How and where to buy a claw crane machine slot machine?


Our company is a developer and manufacturer of its own , unique developments . Machines of this level no one has ever produced , all of our machines have a patent , so partial or complete copying of the principles is protected by international law . Machine with toys Claw crane machine was invented in the United States in the early 20th century. In the mid 80's this machine Claw crane machine was produced in other countries , was quite popular .The vending Machine looked like a glass cube , not a big height , at the bottom of which a mirror platform with prizes was rotating . In the early 90's, slot machines Claw crane machine, first appeared massively , they can be found in any crowded places . 

​In early 2008, our company came up with Noy who had not previously developed , machine Claw crane machine , in which the percentage of winnings is regulated by different settings , as well as the accuracy of the player . 

According to our statistics, a person understands the x-Axis , the Y-axis very well , but the Z-axis is not very good. The Z-axis is the depth and each person has his own perception of this axis . In this connection, there is a regulation of winning , according to long-term statistics, on average, every 10th game is a prize !

On slot machines Claw crane machine, has grown several generations and this machine is a classic, where as a prize used SOFT TOY . That is the prize of a Soft Toy for Claw machine crane machine is a classic ! Buy machine with toys on our website.

It's no secret that the attraction Claw crane machine at one point can not be placed for a long time , it bothers , as if you ate the same food every day .

Analyzing this situation of the machine , we began to develop other , similar machines that could replace the Grabber but as a prize should remain the classic version is a Soft Toy . April 12, 2013 there was a shopping, vending machine, ICEBERG .

At the moment in our catalog a huge choice of trade , vending , slot machines in which not only soft toys but also other valuable prizes are used as a prize. The range of machines is constantly increasing , there are New items Claw crane machine . Children's slot machines can be bought on our website

To date, there are 2 models of doing Business on the machines Claw crane machine. Analyzing the profit received in vending machines, we came to the conclusion that " Profit in machines has a direct dependence on the passing human flow." The more people around the machine , the more money in the machine !

1. The first Business idea provides for the availability of high-pass rental spaces . As a rule, these are places of large crowds of people: entertainment centers , bus stations , recreation parks , places of mass recreation , it beaches.D. As a rule, rent in such places is quite expensive for 1 square meter. However, our practice shows that the machines placed in the top places pay off very quickly ! The payback period depends on the number of people and ranges from 1 month to 3 . To conclude a lease in such places is sometimes very difficult and the placement process takes months .

But if You have a rod that see you as a landlord then everything turns out.

The business Idea involves the placement of machines in high places in the network of machines should have different machines is not a duplicate , that would be the case annoying you could replace the machine , swap machine !

Sense - less number of playing earn more money ! Five , ten machines can earn .

2. The second Business idea involves the availability of low-passable rental spaces. As a rule, these are food stores near the house . In these stores, a little low-rent . Just a small possibility and the amount of the check from 1000 people per day. 
In this model, the key is the number of machines ! In the network of machines should have different machines is not a duplicate , that would be the case annoying you could replace the machine , swap machine !

Before you buy machines, choose a business model that you would like to use .

Business idea availability of high-pass rental locations.

Business idea of low passable rental locations and cheap rental and lots of vending machines.

Models of interchangeable machines.Buy a slot machine; 

In any case, you can always call us and we will tell you the points of interest .

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