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Introducing new machines crane machine, vending machines and attractions of its own design. Our machines have a new algorithm - winning depends on the player. With simple settings, you can complicate the game. Our machines are absolutely honest with the players , so they are very popular.

We offer a package of 3 services :

1.Machines (equipment)

2.Consumables , filler ( soft toys , prizes)

3.Repair and technical support .

Crane machine, attractions, prize machines, vending machines

Distinctive features of our entertainment devices:

NO RANDOM number GENERATOR the payout depends on the player. This is confirmed by tests and certificate VNIIMS.

The owner of the device does not have the ability to set the win/loss percentage by software or hardware.

The winning PERCENTAGE depends only on the size and shape of the prizes, the time of the game and the time to aim. Selecting only these factors set the ratio of win and loss. Fair play - makes our machines popular, unique, all over the world. 

Remote control of devices, profit and availability of prizes using GSM module.

Dispenser CONSOLATION PRIZE allows you to set up any machine as a vending machine in any premises.

Interesting and honest rules of the game, unique entertainment options, attract a lot of players, and people who have never played any devices. There are no analogues in the world!

The catalog includes more than 20 types of devices:

Crane with a sighting hit toys in the prize hole

Crane-machines Construction

Crane machines Tower Crane

Machines A Clever Hook

Devices Storm

Devices Birdhouse

The Apparatus Of The Iceberg

Machines for sale of balls-jumpers

Ice cream vending machines

Toy vending machines

Capsule vending machines

For the equipment we provide all necessary services and goods:

Worldwide delivery

Soft toy

The prizes in the boxes

The prizes in the capsules

Repair parts

Warranty up to 5 years and technical support 7 days a week

Software updates with new game algorithms

Remake of the old apparatus for new games

Rental of devices

Manufacture of machines takes place at our plant in Moscow, in stock always in stock all the spare parts and components.

Development of new attractions to order

Our company will develop vending machines or attractions of any complexity for Your needs.
Many years of experience allows us to develop and produce devices with advertising and entertainment functions.
We will develop and produce a shopping, entertainment or shopping and entertainment device that will be different from those available on the market, perform the task you need and bring people to a complete delight!

Examples of devices designed for customer needs:

Vending machine Claw crane machine with a special grip that guarantees 100% issuance of soft toys.

Apparatus Claw crane machine for an advertising company of the Russian manufacturer of meat products. Special gripper ensured 100% results sausages during promotions.

Hook device is designed specifically for the promotion of the company that sells shampoos.

Ice CREAM vending machine for the company-producer of ice cream in packing.

The device is a SURPRISE for selling capsules with rare teas.

The device is a Fun column for promotions and playing small capsules with gifts.

Apparatus CONSTRUCTION for commercial construction companies and gaming discounts for services.

Apparatus FOOTBALL for selling balls.

Several modifications of devices for quest games.

We offer our terms of cooperation and are ready to consider Your:


Do You have an idea of the device and You need to implement it for the sale of Your products.

You have an idea, but there is not enough money for implementation, we are ready to work with You on partnership terms.

You have products for sale, but do not have your own idea of the device.

Production of the device takes from 1 to 12 months and depends on the complexity of the idea and the amount of financial costs.

When implementing Your idea of the device, we will conclude an NDA confidentiality Agreement with You.


At the conclusion of the extended contract you get an individual price for the devices.

The warranty for electronic components and technical support will be 60 months (1 to 5 months for some mechanical components). 

You become our partner and get a wide range of additional services from our side.

Conditions of partnership: You buy toys and prizes for the machine for 1 year only the firm OOO "cat". 

The partnership guarantee includes:

certificate renewal

repair at a reduced price

sending an order for any amount

new firmware, game updates

return the device on favorable terms

installment payment for toys and devices

exchange of the device for new types of devices

opportunity to become our representative

legal and accounting advice

discounts for further purchases of devices

Express shipment of toys and parts to TK

accelerated replacement and repair of electronic components

new models of devices for half the price on the condition of testing

technical expert advice 5 days a week, on working days. (except weekends and holidays)

OOO "Cat»

Jus.address: 10, Chayanova str., Moscow, 125047,bldg.One

Bank: VTB 24 ( JSC ) Moscow

R/s: 407 028 101 000 000 633 90

C/s: 30101810345250000745

BIC: 044525745

INN: 7710897324

Checkpoint: 771 001 001

OKPO: 30265440

OKVED: 51.47.33

OKATO: 45286585000

Bin: 1117746756357

general Director

Sherstyuk Konstantin Yurievich

Phone: +7 (495) 777-66-75 EXT.Four hundred eighty seven thousand nine hundred seventy five 

+7(903)854-88-22 ;

E-mail: info@kran-machina.ru

Moscow, Burakova street 6. page 3.

Working hours: on weekdays - from 9.00 to 18.00, on Saturday and Sunday - by agreement

Exhibition hall attractions, warehouse and office at the same address.


Arrival time to us only by prior agreement!!!

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