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AMUSEMENT Crane machine WITH a CHILD or an ADULT

6250 EUR | 7000 USD


Buy an Attraction for family entertainment . Vending machine is new.  Attraction for Quests . Ideal for placement in parks or play areas.
We present to Your attention the Attraction as an idea for small business.

  • On the basis of this Attraction, You can come up with a variety of games competition "Who will catch more toys, cubes and anything "with the further receipt of the prize . 

  • The Attraction is also suitable for Quests of any complexity. The original idea of human physical participation in prize-catching is an exciting challenge for both children and adults .

  • This Attraction is ideal for small Businesses.

  • Our company is the manufacturer of the Attraction , so we can adapt it to any Business ideas, small business , change the form factor , the dimensions do 2 suspension for the competition of it.D.

  • After payment, the employee of the attraction suspends the person on special belts. 

  • The assistant controls the mechanism of the crane-suspension through the joystick and button

  • During the allotted time, the assistant directs the person to the selected prize and press the button.

  • Carrying capacity up to 400 KG !!!

  • The suspension goes down and at a certain height freezes for 2-5 seconds

  • For these 2-5 seconds, the man in gloves, you need to grab the prize!!!

  • After that, the suspension crane rises and goes to the original position.

  • The suspension is mounted on a special hinge and the movement of the person spinning in different directions. This complicates the capture of the selected prize, but adds a lot of fun emotions. Also can a person wear big Boxing gloves. ( as a unit )

    Option 1

  • Game time - 100, 120, 140, 160 seconds.

  • Driving the joystick to lift the suspension over the prize.

  • One press of the button, the suspension drops and freezes at the bottom over the prizes for - 1, 2, 3, seconds.

  • After the suspension is lifted and she goes into original position.

  • Game version - 2

  • Time of the General game - 3, 4, 5, 6 minutes.

  • During the allotted time it is necessary to collect a few items together or find some items among the balls for the dry pool. During the game you can make any number of drops suspension. (example - build a pyramid of three cubes scattered around the site)

  • The settings can be changed according to the client's wish.

  • Reinforced design of the device makes it possible to hang adults.

  • The standard settings of the device:
    The total game time is 100, 120, 140, 160 seconds.

  • Time to aim at the top point - 20, 30, 40, 50 seconds. After the end of the time suspension itself falls.

  • Time to stop the suspension in the lower part on prizes 2, 3, 4, 5, seconds. After the end of the time suspension itself is rising.

  • Some settings can be changed according to the customer's order.

  • Reinforced design of the device makes it possible to hang adults.

  • Characteristics:

  • Attraction weight 800 kg

  • Carrying capacity up to 400 KG !!!

  • Sh. G. V. – 3 meters

  • Steel frame.

  • Beam crane with suspension.

  • Protective pillows at the edges of the frame.

  • Helmet children and adult.

  • Cabinet with remote control.

  • Additional paid options:
    Additionally, you can install:

  • Music speakers 6 PCs 

  • Lights throughout the machine

  • Lower and upper frame with stickers 

  • Balls for dry pool 15.000 thousand pieces

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Delivery to any 

Transport company

Any spare part

always available

Technical assistance and repair service

Warranty up to 5 years !

Автомат Больная Хватайка с лузой.jpg

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1550 EUR | 1700 USD

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