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Vending machine with 100 % sale of toys in a capsule with an element of the game.

1800 EUR | 1950 USD

The machine new , on sale capsules with a toy . The machine uses the original system of 100 % sale of toys in the claw sensor is installed to capture the prize , followed by transportation to the prize window. Player-the buyer chooses the prize of directing the crane with the joystick , push the button and as soon as the claw grabs the prize, then the game ends with the issuance of the prize . Thus, the toy is not just sold ,but through the game , given the opportunity to play and win .

The working time of the machine is increased to 7 minutes . First 4 minutes if a player for some reason didn't catch the capsule itself , then in the remaining 3 minutes, this will make the machine switch to the robot .


The price of the game 4 options (optional any price)


  • Height: 205 cm.

  • Width: 76 cm.

  • Depth: 76 cm table: 97 see

  • Weight: 115 kg.

  • Music

  • Stickers

  • Lighting

  • Carriage-claw

  • Coin acceptor

  • Hopper, filling: 200 capsules (100 mm)

  • Fee - control of revenue, consumption, statistics.

Additional paid options:

  • Siren - in case of tilting the device gives an unpleasant, loud signal for 10 seconds 

  • Protective door - is installed in the lower part of the device and in case of inclination is closed. Prizes fall into the inner part of the device and thus the window of issue is blocked 

  • Uninterruptible power supply - when the device is disconnected from the mains, the device will operate from an additional power supply for about 2-3 hours. It is more effective to install it with a siren and a protective door 

  • Dispenser for issuing balls, diameter from 25 to 32 mm

  • Led lighting Duralight with color control panel

  • Area-a showcase for balls

  • Bill acceptor

  • 3D stickers

  • GSM-module

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Any spare part

always available

Technical assistance and repair service

Warranty up to 5 years !

Автомат Больная Хватайка с лузой.jpg

  Claw crane machine new generation 

1550 EUR | 1700 USD

Хватайка с лузой тяни-толкай.png

  Claw crane machine new generation 

1800 EUR | 2050 USD

Большая Хватайка с лузой и кубом для при

  Claw crane machine new generation with cube for prizes

1750 EUR | 1950 USD

Автомат Батискаф.JPG

  Claw crane machine new generation 

1750 EUR | 1950 USD

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