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Автомат Айсберг .jpg

Automatic Iceberg

2250 EUR | 2510 USD

Автомат Айсберг 2.jpg

Automatic Iceberg-2

1750 EUR | 2000 USD

Автомат Айсберг .jpg

Automatic iceberg used

1750 EUR | 2000 USD

Vending machine iceberg. The device has no analogues in the world.

Unlike vehicles "Dozer", "Aladdin", "STALKER", "Sniper", "BULLDOZER", "Time 2 Win" and the like, the probability of winning is NOT SET in the program by the owner.

 The goal – to squeeze out your favorite soft toy. In this case, the gain depends only on the accuracy of the player, and the complexity of the size and shape of the toy.

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