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Автомат Бункер с винтами гл.jpg

Automatic Hopper

with a screw

2000 EUR | 2250 USD

Вендинговый аппарат Бункер гл.jpg

Automatic Hopper

1750 EUR | 1950 USD

Автомат Бункер гл.jpg

Automatic Hopper

1600 EUR | 1800 USD

Автомат Смаил Бум.jpg

Automatic Hopper

2000 EUR | 2250 USD

Vending machines Bunker

In the allotted time, you need to collect all 5 balls-birds in the birdhouse. Once they are all birds collected, the player receives a prize - a capsule with a toy. After each game, the balls-birds fall back on the playing field. During the game, you can make any number of lowering the claw.

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