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Автомат Монетка 1.JPG

Vending machine Coin 1

650 UER | 700 USD

Денежноя Хватайка-Эльдорадо.jpg

Vending machine a slot Machine Coin -3

New 2019!

1150 EUR | 1250 USD


Vending machine Coin 2

950 UER | 1050 USD

Автомат Монетка 3.jpg

Money crane Eldorado machine

New 2019!

1400 EUR | 1600 USD

Vending machines of the Coin series

A monetary system in which, after pressing the button, sliding from the monitoring of Solarium operating temperature starts to move from right to left. It is necessary to aim and send the coin on the guide bar in the free space on the pusher, with a successful hit the coin pushes other coins on the bottom field, and the pusher moves a bunch of coins in the prize window. 


The machine must be securely fixed to the floor and wall !!!

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