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Vending machine

Automatic UFO 1

1750 EUR | 1950 USD

Автомат НЛОш-Ка2.jpg

Vending machine

Automatic UFO 2

1650 EUR | 1850 USD

Автомат НЛОш-Ка.JPG

Vending machine

Automatic UFO 3

1650 EUR | 1850 USD

Vending machines series UFO 

The aim of the game – in the allotted time to magnetize a plate prize for magnetic marks and carry it through the hole in the rotating barrier.

Winning depends on the accuracy and agility of the player.

The difficulty of the game is set by the time of the game and the time of holding the prize.


The device can be placed from 10 to 30 prizes depending on the size.

The machine is designed for prizes in boxes or pipes ( plastic containers )

The unique device has no analogues in the world.

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