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Machine without Barriers | Vending machine |

1400 EUR | 1550 USD

Controlling with a joystick and a button with a special pusher, it is necessary to send it to the selected prize. In the case of sniper control, the pusher drops the box with the prize in the prize window from which it can be picked up.

This vending machine without a random number generator and it all depends on the accuracy. 
Inside the device there are elongated shelves and therefore it is very difficult to win the prize from the first time. 
Prizes can be soft toys, boxes with different electronics, phones, players, watches. 
With the right selection of prizes and their arrangement on the elongated shelves, on average, it turns out to win 7-10 times.
In this device you need to install the game 4

To complicate the game there are honest, different options that you can include on the electronic Board.


Option -1 
After payment, the player moves the joystick to the left starts the game. 
Push goes to the left or right as a player wants.
Selects a line and presses the joystick from himself, push rises to the height selected by the player.
Presses the button and the pusher goes towards the prize.
Push down and goes into its initial state.
Game time: 20, 30, 40, 50 seconds


Option -2
After payment, the player moves the joystick to the left, the game starts and push goes only to the left. 
On the selected line, you need to release the joystick, push will stop and go to the top. (if you hold the joystick to the left, then push will rest against the edge and go himself to the top)
Once push went to the top, the player must quickly react and press the button. (if you do not press the button, the push will stop at the top and the pusher will go in the direction of the prize)
Push down and goes into its initial state.
Game time: 20, 30, 40, 50 seconds


Option -3
After payment, the player presses the button, the game starts and push himself moves to the left-right starting from the sides.
On the selected line should be the second time to press the button and push will stop and go himself to the top and will go up and down 
The player must react quickly and press the button a third time. 
Pusher goes towards the prize
Push down and goes into its initial state.
Game time: 20, 30, 40, 50 seconds

Some settings can be changed according to the customer's order.

Height: 185 cm, width: 100 cm.

Depth with bedside table: 90 cm, without bedside table: 80 cm.

Weight: 170 kg.


Coin acceptor

Certificates VNIIMS

Random number generator: NO

Control of revenue, prizes consumption, game statistics

Additional paid options:
Siren - in case of tilting the device gives an unpleasant, loud signal for 5-10 seconds 

Protective door - if the door is tilted, it opens and the prizes fall into the inner part of the device. 

Uninterruptible power supply - when the device is disconnected from the mains, the device will operate from an additional power supply for about 2-3 hours.

Led lighting Duralight with color control panel 

Dispenser for issuing balls, diameter from 25 to 32 mm

Bill acceptor

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