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Money crane Eldorado machine

1400 EUR | 1600 USD


Cash machine which made the money immediately fall on the playing field. The goal of the game is to buy a ball jumper and in the remaining time to win another prize. The claw starts to move randomly in different directions. The first press of the button - the claw will go to the bottom and grab a bunch of bills. Claw with clamped bills moves in random directions for 10 seconds. The second press of the button - the claw opens and the money falls to the bottom. With a successful hit in the pocket, the internal fan adjusts the bill to the prize window. 

It is possible to perform with a joystick , as booking glasses.

The price includes the cost of the bill acceptor.

Specifications and equipment:
Game time - 30,40,50,60 seconds

Aiming time - 4,6,8,10 seconds

The number of lower clamps for a game - 1,2,3, without limitation

The cost of the game - 3 prices

Height: 200 cm.

Width: 80 cm.

Depth: 80 cm.

Weight: 115 kg.






Bill acceptor

Pocket hole diameter: 10cm

Fee - revenue control, game statistics

Anti-vandal Plexiglas 5mm on three sides (optional)

Random number generator: NO

Certificate VNIIMS

Additional paid options:
3D stickers

Led lighting Duralight with color control panel

Siren from shaking

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Delivery to any 

Transport company

Any spare part

always available

Technical assistance and repair service

Warranty up to 5 years !

Автомат Больная Хватайка с лузой.jpg

  Claw crane machine new generation 

1550 EUR | 1700 USD

Автомат Супер Диско 4 с мягкими игрушка,

Vending machine

Super Disco 4 New 2019!

Claw crane machine with toys

2100 EUR | 2350 USD

Автомат Монетка 3.jpg

Vending machine a slot Machine Coin -3

New 2019!

1150 EUR | 1250 USD

Вендинговый аппарат по продаже игрушек.j

Toy vending machine, vending machine , new 2019

1800 EUR | 1950 USD

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