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Claw crane machine Giant

5400 EUR | 6000 USD

We present to Your attention , a novelty Attraction 

Controlling the joystick to choose a toy and press the button. The claw will come down, grab or not grab the toy.

In the apparatus of the attraction installed a program which randomly pulls out a toy.

The attraction is ideal for accommodation in parks and recreation areas as a business idea relates to small business.

The standard settings of the device:

Game time: 60, 80.90,100 seconds

Win percentage: 1/30, 1/40 1/,50 1/60,

The cost of the game: 4 options prices

The settings can be changed according to the customer's order.


Attraction weight 800 kg

Sh. G. V. – 3 meters

Steel frame.

Beam crane with suspension.

Protective pillows at the edges of the frame.

Helmet children and adult.

Cabinet with remote control.

Additional paid options:
Additionally, you can install:

Music speakers 6 PCs -

Lights throughout the machine 

Lower and upper frame with stickers 

Balls for dry pool 15.000 thousand pieces

Our advantage



Delivery to any 

Transport company

Any spare part

always available

Technical assistance and repair service

Warranty up to 5 years !

Автомат Больная Хватайка с лузой.jpg

  Claw crane machine new generation 

1550 EUR | 1700 USD

Хватайка с лузой тяни-толкай.png

  Claw crane machine new generation 

1800 EUR | 2050 USD

Большая Хватайка с лузой и кубом для при

  Claw crane machine new generation with cube for prizes

1750 EUR | 1950 USD

Автомат Батискаф.JPG

  Claw crane machine new generation 

1750 EUR | 1950 USD

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