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Теперь размещать автоматы можно где угодно !!!

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8 April 2019

The head of the Committee on budget and taxes of the state Duma Andrei Makarov introduced a bill that proposes to July 1, 2021 to extend the period of non-use of cash registers (CCT) for a number of vendors. Anyone can read the document in the electronic database of the lower house of Parliament.

"To establish that individual entrepreneurs who do not have employees with whom employment contracts are concluded, when selling goods of their own production, performing works, rendering services, have the right not to use cash registers when calculating for such goods, works, services until July 1, 2021," the document says.


Also, in order to reduce the costs of organizations and individual entrepreneurs working in the field of trade with the involvement of couriers, transportation of passengers and Luggage transport (including the sale of tickets by drivers and conductors), it is proposed to use one cash register working remotely:

"At the same time, in such cases, the right not to print a paper cash receipt, but to enable the buyer (client) to receive it through the demonstration of a QR code is granted," the explanatory note says.


In addition, the document provides for the simplification of the procedure for the use of KKT in the housing sector. For example, instead of issuing a cash receipt, it will be allowed to issue a cash receipt only at the request of the client in the absence of a document flow between the client and the user.


Earlier, the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation

Since July 1, 2019, entrepreneurs without employees had to go to the online cash register. According to the head of the Ministry of Finance, the introduction of online cash for SP is premature, it is necessary to postpone the entry into force of the law for 2020.

"To postpone the mandatory use of cash registers by such taxpayers, individual entrepreneurs for a year," Siluanov said.


To work without the CCP until July 1, 2020 may entrepreneurs who:

1. Sell goods, provide catering services to UTII and did not enter into employment contracts with employees; provide other services to UTII;

2. Sell goods, provide catering services on the patent system and have not entered into employment contracts with employees;

3. Are engaged in other types of patent activity, except for services of porters and on supervision of children and disabled people, care of elderly, reception of double-glazed Windows and recyclables for the companies and SP;

4. Provide services to the population in all tax regimes;

5. Sell goods in vending machines and did not enter into employment contracts with employees.


Work without cash after July 1, 2020 will be able to merchants who: engaged in preferential activities, such as the sale of magazines and ice cream; doing business in remote and inaccessible areas; engaged in pharmacy and medical activities in rural areas.

In any case, the cost of online cash today, for machines ranging from 6500 rubles., with a monthly fee of 350 rubles/month. 

Our company is ready to offer a ready , working , technical solution . 

We are faced with a number of companies that position ready-made kits online cash , but in fact these companies could not connect your device within a few days to the machine provided by us !!! And what then to do to the simple buyer of this equipment ?

Based on this, we understand that among the suppliers of online cash registers, not all units are connected and configured , so we prepare our own ready-made solution .

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