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Small Business Idea with low investment

The business idea of using vending machines has existed since the beginning of the 20th century. The first and well-known automatic Claw crane machine which was invented in the United States in the early 20th century . And in today's time, the idea of using Attractions , vending machines for trading through machines is most common in the world.

Business idea Get a toy or a valuable prize is always popular and relevant . That is, as a prize Soft toy is a classic entertainment option.

Since the times similar machines Claw crane machine have entertained children and adults . In the early 90-ies this Business idea is well implemented by many entrepreneurs .That is, a valuable prize Soft toy has grown several generations of people!

Currently, our company has developed a variety of Vending machines as a game character , and unique vending machines for the sale of 100% of the goods with the elements of the game . All machines are used as a prize as Soft toys and Prizes or ice cream . Our machines have different algorithms that would constantly attract customers did not occur boring algorithm machine . We recommend you to purchase different machines , that would be the case for the decline in profit point, it was possible to change the machines in some places !

The most popular models :

1.  Category of Slot machines with soft toys and valuable prizes

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-21 at 12.25.34.jp

Catalog Of Machines

Claw crane machine used

Верх автомата хватайка три игры.jpg

Catalog Of Machines

One double claw crane machine with a new algorithm 4 types

Автомат Супер Диско 3.jpg

Vending machine

Super Disco 3

with capsules New 2019!

Автомат Бульдозер 11.jpg

Directory of Machines claw crane machine is a new generation 3 of a kind

2. Category Vending machines designed to trade 100% with the element of the game.

Вендинговый аппарат по продаже игрушек.j

Toy vending machine, vending machine , new 2019

Автомат Мороженое .jpg

Ice cream vending machines

3. Slot machine

Автомат Монетка 3.jpg

Vending machine a slot Machine Coin -3

New 2019!

Денежноя Хватайка-Эльдорадо.jpg

Vending machine Coin 1


Vending machine Coin 2

4. Entertainment Attractions for parks and entertainment areas

Автомат Хватайка гигант 2.jpg

Giant claw crane machine

Аттаркцион Хватайка с ребенком 2 .jpg

Amusement claw crane machine with a man

As you can see, you can start your Small Business at any price .

You can buy a Slot machine , vending machine with toys or buy an attraction from 650 UER | 700 USD

Since we are manufacturers of machines , you can order any model of the attraction or we will be able to modify any of our models for You.

Choosing a place for the machine

When choosing a place for the planned placement of Your Prize machine, you should start from the patency of the human flow.

Profit in the machine has a direct mathematical dependence on the passing number of people ! 

Therefore, when requesting a lease, you should be interested in open information about the number of checks in the PSC or the month in the rental location , as well as the amount of the average check . These data will help to understand the expected profit , as well as help to understand whether to fight off the amount of rent , your profit .

The most suitable places to place Slot machines , vending machines is :

1. Pre-checkout area of grocery chains.

2. Zone "Food Court" meal .

3. Parks and recreation areas .

4. Bus stations , airports .

5. Shopping Mall - entertainment complexes.

6. Any places of mass congestion of people.

7. Polyclinics and hospitals are particularly suitable for the placement of vending machines.

Our manager


тел. +7(903)854-88-22 WhatsApp, Viber


тел. +7(908)139-45-59 WhatsApp

Our Bank details

ООО «Кош-Ка»

Legal.address: 10, Chayanova str., Moscow, 125047,bldg.One

Bank: VTB 24 ( JSC ) Moscow

R/s: 407 028 101 000 000 633 90

C/s: 30101810345250000745

BIC: 044525745

INN: 7710897324

Checkpoint: 771 001 001

OKPO: 30265440

OKVED: 51.47.33

OKATO: 45286585000

Bin: 1117746756357

general Director

Sherstyuk Konstantin Yurievich

Phone: +7 (495) 777-66-75 extension number 487975 

+7(903)854-88-22 ;

E-mail: info@kran-machina.ru

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