No need for hired staff

low price-
Fast payback period

Automatic Hunter

1400 EUR | 1600 USD

After payment, the screen square blocks of yellow color will fall down, they must be stopped by pressing the START/STOP button.

If you managed to catch a block, it will become green, if not, then red. After passing the 9th level, you can choose a small prize.

If you continue, you can compete for the big prize, click CONTINUE. The device is very bright and attractive, large music speakers are installed.​

Specifications and equipment:
Height: 214 cm, width: 76 cm.

Depth: 72 cm.

Weight: 160 kg.

Additional option:
Bill acceptor

Our advantage



Delivery to any 

Transport company

Any spare part

always available

Technical assistance and repair service

Warranty up to 5 years !

Автомат Больная Хватайка с лузой.jpg

  Claw crane machine new generation 

1550 EUR | 1700 USD

Автомат Супер Диско 4 с мягкими игрушка,

Vending machine

Super Disco 4 New 2019!

Claw crane machine with toys

2100 EUR | 2350 USD

Автомат Монетка 3.jpg

Vending machine a slot Machine Coin -3

New 2019!

1150 EUR | 1250 USD

Вендинговый аппарат по продаже игрушек.j

Toy vending machine, vending machine , new 2019

1800 EUR | 1950 USD

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