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Claw crane machine in metal case used

1175 EUR | 1315 USD

We can collect in this case 4 types of machines:

1. Grab the old model and novelty 2 games 

The package includes a coin receiver and a bill acceptor.

Version of the game - With a random number generator + bonus game with 100% clamping claws
Case - Metal not new
Control - Button/joystick
Version Grab-Ki installed additional sections of the playing field under the toys and the second compartment under not expensive prizes, candy, chocolate, Chupa-Chups.
After payment the player is given 2 games.
The first game - for 30 seconds it is necessary to choose a toy and try to grab it. (capture in the first game is set to 1/10)
The second game in 10 seconds you must choose from the second compartment of the prize and grab it (grab in this case 100%)
After the first game capture goes over an additional compartment with candy and grab toys from the first compartment will not be able to!!!
The device is original in that it is given two games: 
Try to win a toy and if you can not get a reward prize!!!
The standard settings of the device:

Game time: 30 seconds

Capture toys in the first game - 1/10 1/15 1/20

The cost of the game: 4 kinds of prices

Some settings can be changed according to the customer's order.

2. Grabber with pocket Crazy Cock


Camera crane machine Grab with the pocket
Version of the game - Mad crane
Body - Metal BOO
Control - 1 button

Version of the Claw crane machine with the sighting of the hit toys with the new algorithm. 
After payment, the claw crane does not stop, but moves in different directions, bounces off the walls and resembles a "pinball". 
Pressing the button, the crane-claw falls and grabs the toy. (capture set to 100%)
Up with a toy crane continues to move with a toy in random directions. 
The task - as soon as the claw with the toy will pass over the pocket to press the button again.
When the mark hit the toy flies into the pocket and in the prize window it can be picked up.
During the game you can make any number of attempts to grab the toy and aim to throw in the pocket.

The device is original in that the claw holds the toy for a long time thus causing fun emotions and players!!!

The standard settings of the device:
Game time: 30, 40, 50, 60 seconds

Toy holding time 5, 7, 8, 10 seconds

The cost of the game: 4 kinds of prices

Some settings can be changed according to the customer's order.

3. Automatic Deft Hook

For this slot machine will suit absolutely any prizes, cheap, expensive, large, small, in boxes and without them. Hooking a loop on any prize is easy. The probability of winning the prize is easy to adjust the size of the loop, make the loop smaller, and catch the prize will be almost impossible, make the loop bigger and from wanting easy prey will not be rebound! We also recommend making loops at all four corners of the box.

The standard settings of the device:
Play time: 60, 50, 40, 30 seconds

Aiming time: 2, 3, 4, 5 seconds

The cost of the game: 4 kinds of prices

Some settings can be changed according to the customer's order.

4. Automatic UFO-3 version

In the allotted time to magnetize a plate prize for magnetic labels and carry it through the hole in the rising barrier. Winning depends on the accuracy and agility of the player. The difficulty of the game is set by the time of the game and the time of holding the prize. The device can be placed from 10 to 30 prizes depending on the size.

Height: 185 cm, width: 100 cm.

Depth with bedside table: 90 cm, without bedside table: 80 cm.

Weight: 170 kg.

Filling: 150-250 toys

Hole diameter of the pocket: 12.5 cm

Coin acceptor

Metal case

Random number generator: NO

Certificates VNIIMS

Control of revenue, consumption of toys, game statistics

Door for filling with toys and control of the income opens at the front.

Reinforced wheels with stoppers

Special corners for installing toys for a more attractive look.

Additional paid options:
Dispenser for issuing balls, diameter from 25 to 32 mm

Led lighting Duralight with color control panel

Area-a showcase for balls

Bill acceptor

3D stickers


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  Claw crane machine new generation 

1550 EUR | 1700 USD

Автомат Супер Диско 4 с мягкими игрушка,

Vending machine

Super Disco 4 New 2019!

Claw crane machine with toys

2100 EUR | 2350 USD

Автомат Монетка 3.jpg

Vending machine a slot Machine Coin -3

New 2019!

1150 EUR | 1250 USD

Вендинговый аппарат по продаже игрушек.j

Toy vending machine, vending machine , new 2019

1800 EUR | 1950 USD

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