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Vending machines

Автомат Клетка.JPG

Claw crane machine with a new algorithm of the Cell

1800 EUR | 2000 USD

Автомат Лабиринт.JPG

Slot machine new generation of the Labyrinth

1350 EUR | 1500 USD

Автомат Гонка.jpg

New generation slot machine Race 1 and 2

1700 EUR | 1900 USD

Автомат Цирк.jpg

New generation Circus slot machine

1950 EUR | 2150 USD

Автомат Халява.JPG

New generation free Slot machine

1700 EUR | 1900 USD

Автомат Краболов .JPG

Claw crab fishing machine

1800 EUR | 1950 USD

Автомат Зомби .jpg

Claw machine tap machine Bingo machine

1550 EUR | 1750 USD

Автомат Зомби Глаз .jpg

A new generation of Zombie eye machine

1750 EUR | 1950 USD


Claw crane machine for crab 

6800 EUR | 7600 USD


Automatic Scissors

1800 EUR | 1900 USD

Автомат Охотник .jpg

Automatic Hunter

1400 EUR | 1600 USD

Автомат Снайпер.jpg

Slot machine Without obstacles 

1400 EUR | 1550 USD

Автомат Бинго .jpg

Claw machine tap machine Bingo machine

1550 EUR | 1750 USD

We present to Your attention the catalog of Vending machines that have no analogues in the world.

This catalog presents new machines in the vending industry.

The main direction of which is the sale of goods , sale with elements of the game . The presence of an element of the game in our vending machines makes our machines very attractive . Passion is the most powerful motivating force for the buyer .

This catalog presents vending machines for various categories of prizes , goods placed as simply on screws , in boxes , but also in capsules.

On our site you can find a huge range of Vending machines , Grabbers , other new machines.

We recommend you to visit the Forum where we discuss the technical problems of machines.

There is an online store - prizes , soft toys for machines.

On our site you can also find a catalog of spare parts for machines.

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